When I was running the digital world for Miss Universe / NBC, our stylist came to me and gave me a pair of men's stretchy jeans, the latest in men's fashion at the time.

My mind was blown at how comfortable they were and I was delighted that the comfort of track pants had been united with the look and function of jeans. Revolutionary I thought. Alisha quickly commented that stretchy jeans weren't new and had been around in woman's clothing for a number of years. I was furious to learn they'd been hiding this little gem.

Fast forward a few years to wearing tights for the first time. They were super comfortable, but no pockets, too tight and not super functional (my first rule of clothing, it must be comfortable and functional). Nothing existed that provided me with the comfort of tights, functionality of jeans mixed with a creative funky design and style; time to create!

I have sewn pillows, curtains, hemmed jeans, repaired clothes and played with fabric as a novice for a long time. So I thinks to me self, why not try and create something that I want and need in my life.

So, I grabbed some stretchy fabric and started playing with patterns and shapes, pocket styles, details and everything else it takes to create something functional, funky, stylish and that I wanted to wear.

The response from people was overwhelming and everywhere I went people kept asking me about my pants. Finally, one day after 10 beautiful encounters back to back in less than an hour, I decided it was time to listen to the universe and bring Yöggx to the people.

Yöggx are locally made and sourced in LA, fair wages are paid along the entire chain and no unnecessary harm is inflicted upon the planet, animals or people. This project comes from a place of love. My mission is to help shape the process of style to make a huge impact while leaving a small footprint.

Part of every sale will go directly to assisting areas of the planet that are in need, as identified by the Yöggx team. Thank you for joining the revolution and welcome to the tribe. May this journey be as inspiring for you as it has been for us. #nowyoucan

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