Of yourself, things, thoughts, stuff, anything and everything, that is what a human life is spent doing. You move from star dust and an idea to the womb and then the earth. Once here you move through life and then back to the earth and beyond (depending on your chosen belief system).

Once you start breathing air you start moving breath in and out until the end. Eyelids open and close, noises, tears and saliva move at various times and in various directions. You grow and move into puberty, learning and understanding. You're bound to move a ton of boxes, dishes, clothes and really awkward things that you drop and break, probably causing some physical harm to you or someone else. Language then moves from passive to upset and AGGRESSIVE!!!! Then back to normal, laughing, whispering and back up again!

Ideas move and flow, sometimes you bring them to life through dance, song, art, a digital representation or other forms. You move homes, cities, countries and sometimes continents.

We are constantly in motion or close to it, as is our beautiful planet, oceans, trees and mountains. Although we might not see it, everything moves, hence the theory that change is a constant.

Now that you know you live in constant motion, how will you adapt? Our first suggestion is eliminating any unnecessary motion inhibitors. We make stretchy comfortable clothes for a reason, by the way ;)  Get the latest collection HERE

Take it in, roll and flow with it. For if it's not what you want it will pass. If it is where you want to be then enjoy it, for it will not last. So again, take it all in. Happy moving beautiful humans...


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