Change :)

A little over a year ago I created Yöggx. It was an idea that we could shift human consciousness through art, help people understand that you don't have to destroy to create, and you can have a big impact without having a big footprint.

I never imagined in that short time we would be collaborating and dressing some of the most talented folks on the planet, selling in boutiques from Venice to Tokyo, and helping funkify the world through art at the highest level.

The journey has been more incredible, difficult, rewarding and punishing than one could anticipate, but there in lies the beauty :)

Change is hard, uncomfortable and wonderful by its very nature. Why would I expect shaking up the world of fashion would come without its obstacles and struggles? I didn't...

We will continue to push the limits of creativity and encourage people to find and bee themselves, wear their insides on the outside and challenge all they thought impossible.

There are millions of us that love this planet, are fighting for us all to be treated equally well, protecting our resources and each other with love, prayer and art as our weapons. What a magical home we have here on Earth.

So here's to change. But, it begins within. Look at yourself, your likes and dislikes, judgements and worries, and realize it all begins with you. If you can change yourself, then the world will change with you. At the very least you can change into something comfortable that's been created with love for you, our planet and all it's creatures, to be enjoyed on every level :)

Happy changing beautiful people, now lets go Yöggxing...

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Captain of the Great Ship Tiago

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