Collection Deüx


For our next act, we bring you collection deüx :)

This time around we are continuing with the dead stock prints and fabrics, but we are also making our own upcycled fabric from recycled plastic bottles. Much in the same way Patagonia does it, we are using Repreve thread that is then knitted together to create a beautiful PFP fabric, which we then print on.

The first design is butterflies, which represent for us the changing of forms from plastic bottles into fashion, funk and love. Soooo stoked to be able to experiment in this form. The material looks and feels amazing.

The second print is dragon the grey. We chose the dragon print because it represents such diametric opposites in the East and West. We side with the East on this one, it's a mythical creature associated with fertility, water and the heavens....also, dragons are just super rad all the way around :)

In addition to the new materials, we have created a couple of new designs. First, all Yöggx will now be available with matching jackets to make full suits like the ones worn by our Chief Ninja, Colin. We've always loved suits, just not in the traditional sense. People kept asking, so we started making.

Next, we have reinvented an old classic with a new, modern, super comfortable twist. You call it an overall and we call it the HeeHaa (pronounced "Hee-Haw"). We take the funk, comfort and style of the original Yöggx cut, and combine it with a blast from the past. It's crazy comfortable, super funky, has interchangeable straps and doesn't look like anything else.

Finally, we have collaborated with one of our favorite French artists who goes by, Mayon Crayon, also the wizard behind the shoe company, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather. She water color painted a rad scene of Venice, CA, with a bunch of cool easter eggs for people that know our home. We printed it onto our recycled fabric and lined the HeeHaa's and denim with it, yeah we did!

Everything should be up and available by the end of October. Thanks for caring what you wear and how you live. We're stoked to be changing the world with you :) #nowyoucan

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