Cloudz - Pants (GREY)
Cloudz - Pants (GREY)

Cloudz - Pants (GREY)

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This is the definition of comfortable. It is a knitted lightweight super comfortable cotton blend. Warmer than you expect, but also cool and breezy. Check it out as a suit with matching shirt or grab the hoodie too! 


    • 2 way stretch for maximum comfort
    • Superior microfiber (hidden) inside front pockets to clean phones, glasses, etc.
    • 2 pocket flaps to protect items from falling out while flipping upside down, doing handstands or sitting on a couch
    • Artist designed back pocket with matching hidden cuffs
    • 1.5” heavy duty comfort elastic waist so they stay up
    • Double stitched pockets and seems for extra durability
    • 3 belt loops for...well...a belt...or climbing bags or keys
    • Material: 60%  / 40% Polyester
    • Machine wash cold
    • Conceived in Venice, CA and made in downtown Los Angeles.
Size + Fit
  • You can wear them low waisted or high. The diamond comfort crotch gives you the flexibility and roominess to wear them as you please. Tapered and slim legs with room where you need it.
  • XS (25-29) S(28-32) M(30-34) L(34-38)