From an early age I liked expressing myself through what I wore. I was always active so I didn’t like jeans because they were too constricting, so sweat pants were my first choice. Sadly, I was made fun of and bullied for my colorful choices so I blended in following the trends of what others were doing.I became a professional snowboarder at 19, had a whack load of careers and jobs including lawyer, running an Indie record label, creating the digital platform for Miss Universe / NBC, producing and directing TV, commercial and film projects, and creating any and everything when presented with the opportunity.

The funk and creativity in my life never left and when I attended University I again began to experiment and express myself through what I was wearing.

Yöggx (pronounced Yaw-ggs) came to life in two steps. First, I found stretchy jeans a few years ago when working at Miss Universe, which women had rudely kept a secret for a long time. Then I found women’s tights (another hidden gem), which were incredibly comfortable, but were too tight and didn’t have any real functional attributes like pockets or durable construction.

I decided to make a hybrid, add some funk, some serious functionality (that's how we get to FunkTional), heaps of love and thought, and voila; Yöggx. All prototypes and patterns I cut and sew myself. I learned to sew at an early age, and have made cushions, curtains, bedding, clothes and anything else I could think of and create since then.

When I started making my own clothes, I was really nervous about walking out of my house for the first time because I didn’t know what the reaction would be. The moment I walked outside and around the corner, someone stopped me, “dude, I love your pants”, he says, “where’d you get them?” It felt amazing and from that moment until now, that reaction continues to grow with each magical human I meet.

Based in Venice, CA, everything we do is local to Los Angeles, including the sourcing of our materials. We use dead stock material, which is material that has already been made and used for something else. The left over material goes to a secondary market before heading to the dump. We scoop it up before it gets there.

We also make our own fabric out of recycled plastic bottles using ®Repreve thread. Again, we take something that was used for another purpose and destined for waste and transform it into high quality funktional suits, clothing, pants, jackets and tops.

We believe that Yöggx can only exist if it leaves the smallest footprint with the biggest impact possible. We pay fair wages, work locally, sustainably source our materials and do it all with great care and love for the people involved in the process, the end product and you, our friends and customers.

We give you permission and support you to do and be whatever and whoever you are. There are no limits to the incredible things you can do in this world and we are proud and humbled that you choose us to dress you along the way. When in doubt, remember there’s a whole family of Yöggxers running around in this world loving and supporting you. If you’ve ever wanted to do something different or doubted you could, now you can.

By supporting Yöggx, you don't just look awesome, you feel awesome and give life to a sustainable, fair and advanced system of creative design and style, that brings smiles to faces near and far. On behalf of humans and earth creatures everywhere; thank you!

Questions, thoughts, comments? Email us: info@yoggx.com